Bodybuilding Drugs…Are They Worth It? Maybe

Bodybuilding drugs,Bodybuilding Drugs…Are They Worth It? Maybe? Articles such as steroids, have been getting a considerable amount of attention in the news over the last year thanks to professional sports superstars getting caught “cheating” in their use of anabolic compounds to carve out that competitive edge within their sport. But bodybuilding drugs are not just being used by pro sports figures and bodybuilders headed to the Mr. Universe stage. More and more, the “average” lifter frustrated with not making the gains that were promised in the latest muscle mag are looking for the silver bullet that will allow them to pack on massive muscle and are finding the dianabol solution in a box with a picture of a cow on the front…i.e. – steroids! Steroids are the most common form of bodybuilding drugs used. They increase testosterone within the user’s body, causing what are called androgenic and anabolic effects. It is the anabolic effects of this drug that are what bodybuilders are looking to achieve.

These effects include:

Virility and vitality (practically a sense of invulnerability)
Increased strength
Increased muscle size
Enhanced muscle recovery

Bodybuilding drugs of this sort increase testosterone levels in the body by bypassing the usual process by which the body synthesizes testosterone. With its own set of rules, the increased testosterone provided by steroids gets deposited directly in the bloodstream. The type of side effects caused by these sorts of bodybuilding drugs will depend one the type of steroid used, (for there are many to pick from).

Some of these potential side effects include:

Acne (at 30 your face will look 15 again!)
Aggression (“roid-rage”)
Cardiovascular disease (Bam! Dead at 32 on the sweaty gym floor)
Headaches, anxiety, depression, impotence (say it isn’t so!), stomach aches, muscle tears, enlarged prostate, premature hair loss, stunted growth, insomnia, sterility, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

You get the idea…and yet this isn’t even the entire list! A novel would have to be written to cover them all (and I’m sure it has). But compare just this group of side effects with the benefits, which are:

Increased muscle size and strength
Speedy recovery time
Increased energy levels during workouts Is that it?

Really? Can’t I achieve the same thing through sheer will and determination? In a word…”Yes”! Perhaps not as fast or not quite as “massive”, but pretty darn close IF you follow a practical program (and I’m not talking about the misguided myths that float around every gym iron pit!). In fact, I’ve had clients that were even able to SURPASS steroid claims by hitting all of the “anabolic factors” I cover in my Optimum Anabolics program ( When considering “crossing over to the dark side” and using bodybuilding drugs, you must weigh out the consequences with the rewards and make your own personal decision. And don’t forget that many are illegal, so if caught, a high-pitched voice and shriveled testicles could end up being the least of your problems. Be smart about your workout regimen. In my humble opinion, stay away from bodybuilding drugs and keep your workout “all natural”. By bulking up the natural way you are sure to increase your overall health and standard of living for years to come.

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